Greeting to Honeynet Project

posted Oct 19, 2009, 7:38 PM by Peter Cheung

Hi Honeynet Project,

Our honeynet project established in 2007, it was co-operated with PISA ( and local educational institutes. Currently, there is 5 members (Alan, Daniel, Peter, Roland and Wallace) involve on this project, we use our spare time to set up and maintain the honeynet. Our objective is

1.Learn the hacker tracks involved in the attacks.
2.Collect statistics for internet attack forecast and attack preventive alert.
3.Provide courseware or research topic for local educational institutes.

Thanks to everyone at the Honeynet Project for bringing us on board. We look forward to get to know and communicate with each others.

Here is some words from our team members:
Alan Tam: “My name is Alan Tam and just joined the honeynet hongkong for a few months. I like Linux and OS X but still have to support a windows 2000 running in my wife’s computer. I wish ATI display driver can one day be running natively on virtualization such that I can safely run fast DX10 games and a honeywall with hostapd…”

Peter Cheung: “My name is Peter Cheung and started the honeynet a year ago. Interested in hacker behavior, motivation, tools and technique. I hope this project also can raise public aware in infosec”.

Roland Cheung: “My name is Roland Cheung and joined the honeynet for a year ago. Interested in Malware analysis and forensic. It is exciting to join the Honeynet Project and hope we can share our techique and informatin from each others.”

HoneyBird - Honeynet Hong Kong Chapter

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