Honeywall - Reset honeywall(ROO) password

posted Oct 19, 2009, 7:31 PM by Peter Cheung
  1. reboot system
  2. at boot splash press any key to enter menu
  3. press “p” to enter passwd
  4. enter grub password (default is “honey”)
  5. - - passwd will be echoed like “*****”
  6. press “e” to enter grub command line interface
  7. use up/down arrows to choose line begining with “kernel”
  8. press “e” to edit
  9. - - cursor will be placed at end of line to edit
  10. add a space then type the word “single (no “”)
  11. press return to save changes
  12. press “b” to boot
  13. When you see the prompt
  14. Give root password for maintenance (or type control-D to continue):

  15. Enter root passwd and press return to check whether or not you have lock yourself out of a non root user account due to 3 consecutive failed logins:
  16. /sbin/pam_tally –user USERNAME

    (where username is the username you are testing)
    If you see:
    user USERNAME (xxx) has YYY
    (where xxx is USERNAME’s UID and YYY is >= 3) Then USERNAME has a
    consecutive failed login count greater than 3 and the account has
    been locked.

    To unlock the account for the above reson:
    /sbin/pam_tally –user USERNAME –reset
    then reboot

    If you have simply (or also) forgoten the passwd for USERNAME:
    passwd USERNAME
    (supply new passwd)

  17. reboot