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Heartbleed in HK

The OpenSSL Heartbleed vulnerability got a huge attention after disclosure,  we are interested to know the impact in Hong Kong.

This summary is based on the zmap.io which analyst the Alexa Top 1 Million domains. We summarized the finding among 1,073 .hk domain website.  

Also, we checked Alexa ranking top 500 Hong Kong website and none of them are vulnerable.

Vulnerable .HK Website in Alexa Top 1M domains

Vulnerable .HK mail server in Alexa Top 1M domains


Weekly trend of vulnerable .HK domain


vulnerable web server  https://zmap.io/heartbleed/vulnerable.html
vulnerable mail server https://zmap.io/heartbleed/mail.html
Alexa Top 500 HK http://www.alexa.com/topsites/countries/HK